I always loved music. At about 4 years of age I used to sing rock songs, in lower classes of elementary school I was playing simple tunes on a Yamaha synth we had at home, and arranging "concerts" for parents and neighbours durig which I'd sing or pretend to play on my homemade paper violin along with a cassette.

My mother wanted me to play a guitar, but at that time that wasn't my desire. When I was about 11 uncle lend me his classical guitar with steel strings. The moment I got it in my hands I was playing tones, even melodies for whole night. The day after was the same thing. So I started to attend private guitar lessons...

From 2002 until 2009, when I moved from Croatia to Czechia, I played and sang in various heavy and thrash metal bands (but not all are listed in Metal Archives 😁).
Apart from metal, I was highly inspired and influenced by bards such as Karel Kryl, Jacek Kaczmarski or Владимир Высоцкий, and I was more often playing that style of music.
After moving to Prague in Czechia I was playing mostly on my own or with friends, mostly in pubs, just for ourselves. In 2013 and 2014 I played folk and starogradske songs with couple of musicians from the Balkans.
In 2014 I went to Warsaw, Poland, where I had a couple of concerts. After returning to Czechia I wasn't playing very often, which is the case up until present. My last concert was in April 2018.

Today I'm mostly just giving guitar lessons, so feel free to contact me if you're in a desperate need of one (or two).


When I realised that my compact digital Sony camera is not manual enough I've decided to buy myself a better one. It was 2015, and I got myself Samsung NX100 with a kit lens (I think it was 18-50mm).
I was a bit distracted by the fact that photography already got so much popular and there were so many photographers and "photographers" at that time (although less than today 😅), but still I started to capture streets, building and river, at first. Soon I started to take photos of friends and acquaintances.

I changed my Samsung for Canon 1100D, Canon for Nikon (D5300, D300, D600), "shooting" people, events, concerts, products, wedding. I also shoot on film, 35mm (Nikon F3, F80, L35AD, Canon Elan 7E) and medium format (mostly on Mamiya 645 Pro, rarely on Любитель-2). In 2019 I switched back to mirrorless, a Fujifilm X-Pro2 digital camera.

Although it's not my full-time job, I can say I'm a professional photographer and I enjoy doing photo art very much.

Anyone who feels an artistic connection with my style can contact me for cooperation.


Native speaker of Croatian (Shtokavian). Fluent in English, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak.

As a language enthusiast, I studied linguistics at the university, and I also have experience in teaching languages.

Want to learn some of languages mentioned above? Let me know.


My full-time job is actually an IT project manager. After studying programming at the university, and beign a Linux enthusiast, I wanted to work as a server admin or programmer. Longer story short, I ended up being a PM.

I have basic knowledge of scripting in BASH, Python, Perl, Ruby, Ansible. I did exams in C and Java at the uni, but that was long ago. I can write HTML and CSS , too (yes, I wrote those very web pages my own 🤓).